Chiyoda Integre was established in Asia Region for about 20 years ago with the incorporation of Chiyoda Integre Co. (S) Pte. Ltd. 10 years later, Chiyoda Integre Co. (M) Sdn.Bhd. was incorporated and just arojnd the cornet, Chiyoda Integre Co. (Penang) Sdn.Bhd. and Chiyoda Integre Co. (Johor) Sdn.Bhd. will also be celebrating their 10 years of establishment. To date, Chiyoda Integre Group had flap it’s wings by opening 14 branches in the world.

CIP land was used for coconut plantation before being developed and converted into Industrial Park by PDC in year 1994.

CIP land is situated along side of Juru River and infront of the building we could see Juru Hill which at this moment there is no significant activities done to develop its' natural surrounding.

CIP is built on land of 8,833.569 sq. meters with factory and building area of 4,200.75 sq. meters. CIP has about 190 employees as at May 2001 where its main activities are cut, slit and laminated insulation products, graphic screen printing and hot stamping on plastic products for electrical and electronics industries.

As a manufacturing base company, CIP is using majority of its raw material from Japan and few are sourced locally such as rubber, chemicals and ABS materials.

CIP, as one of the subsidiaries overseas, get its technical support and assistant from two (2) expatriate employees which holds the post as Managing Director and Advisor of the company. The areas which the expatriate employees will employees will contribute is more to the Product Planning and Design to manufacturing technologies, raw material function and usage plus equivalent raw materials available in the market. They will also liaise with head office in Japan for assistant in maintaining CIP Quality and Environment in compliance with Global Quality and Environmental issues.

CIP Environmental Action Plans applies to CIP in respect of:-
    (1) Environmental impact reduction
    (2) Industrial waste reduction
    (3) Comprehensive environmental management and audit systems.

Since its inception and commencement of production in 1990 plus achieving its ISO 9002 in 1999, CIP has been putting greater emphasis on environmental protection especially noise and toxic waste disposal.

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